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What is Anti-racism (Workshop 1)- CBASS

Brunel University London is committed to providing an Anti-racist and inclusive environment where the whole community is able to study, thrive and live free from all forms of racial harassment and Discrimination. This session will address the following:

  • What is Anti-racism
  • What is racism and where does it come from – Racial Prejudice
  • The different forms of Racism and how they manifest (Overt racism, Covert Racism, Institutionalised Racism)
  • Covert racism – Three distinct forms (EHRC and UUK facts and figures)
  • The Correlation between Covert racism and Institutionalised racism
  • Language and terminology – Dos and Don’ts
  • Mental Impact of each form of racism – Student Case studies provided including intersectionality
  • Why should this be important to you (Academics)
  • Personal: Power to make or break a life (examples)
  • Professional: How you contribute to the Cycle – The Awarding Gap
  • Brief intro about Workshop 2 - Decolonizing the Curriculum and Pedagogies

Presented by: Imarn Ayton, Anti-Racism Officer, Academic Services

Aimed at

Academic staff in CBASS

Aims & Objectives

  • A greater understanding of the various forms of Racism and how they manifest
  • A greater understanding of the importance of Anti-racism
  • A safe space to reflect on personal and professional approaches to race equality

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