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APEX Open Mentor and Reviewer training

All mentors and reviewers are obliged by Advance HE to receive live training on the review process every two years. It is currently offered twice a year, usually a month before the APEX Open submission deadline. 

For mentors, this is in addition to the online mentor videos and live Q&A sessions.
For reviewers, this is in addition to the online reviewer videos.

If you have attended a calibration after December 2019 you do not need to attend this training, although you are welcome to if you wish.

The cut-off date to attend will be one week before the meeting to allow time for the preparatory work.

If you are mentoring, or looking to mentor, an Academic Professional Programme candidate please speak to a member of the Academic Professional Development Unit

Aimed at

Those who are a mentor for a candidate on the APEX Open route. Those who are a reviewer for the APEX Open Recognition Panel. Those who have previously shown interest in reviewing for the APEX Open Recognition Panel.

Aims & Objectives

What it involves: This training is an active, involved event where you will take part in standardisation exercises of two Fellow portfolios and one SFHEA portfolio. It will involve 'marking' one FHEA portfolio prior to the date. This may take up to an hour to mark, plus more to read the other portfolios. The agenda, portfolios and marking sheets will be sent to those signed up to the session nearer the date. 

By the end of this session, you will be aware of the requirements of the Brunel Recognition Panel and Advance HE. You will be competent and confident in supporting your mentees and in reviewing portfolios.

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