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Assessment and Teaching

Assessment is central to teaching and learning, yet is considered one of the most difficult areas of professional practice. It is an area students report being least pleased with when completing the NSS. We will consider the most appropriate ways to assess outcomes, how to write constructively aligned learning outcomes and consider the benefits of Integrated Programme Assessment. You will be offered the opportunity to take part in an Action Learning Set.

Aimed at

New academics taking the Academic Professional Programme. APEX Open candidates, hybrid route candidates and anyone else interested.

Aims & Objectives

To consider the purpose of assessment and feedback. 

We will cover:

  • The institutional and Sector Context of Assessment
  • Learning Outcomes and Constructive Alignment
  • Quality Assurance of Assessment
  • Integrated Programme Assessment 
  • Assessment and Teaching through an EDI lens
  • Evaluating effectiveness of academic activities

Academic Professional Programme participants are expected to stay for duration of the session.

Other attendees may can dip in and out as required.

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