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Blackboard Learn Student-Tailored Templates

In 2018-19, a BbL audit was done by a group of Education Academics across the different Colleges in search for best practice. Based on this audit and students’ feedback, we redesigned the BbL templates for modular blocks, study blocks, and assessment blocks in order to allow for consistency across blocks within the Psychology UG Programme and to ensure that the BbL shells are accessible and easy to use by students, and provide relevant and appropriate material that goes beyond block-specific content. These tailored templates were implemented in 2019-20 with the support of Alice La Rooy and Toby Thorne from the LTT team. They were very well received by students and their engagement with BbL increased. Based on feedback from students and staff, the templates were further improved for 2020-21.

In addition, the Psychology-Essential Student Information BbL Communities page has been redesigned from 2018-19 to include relevant information and material that will support students across levels and programmes (UG and PGT).

Presented by: Dr Sofia Barbosa Bouças, Senior Lecturer (Education) in Psychology, Psychology UG Programme Lead and Dr Pauldy Otermans, Lecturer (Education) in Psychology, Level 4 Coordinator

Aimed at

All staff involved in teaching and learning

Aims & Objectives

There are generic guidelines on how to build content to the Brunel BbL template, but we need to look beyond these and create templates that are specific to our programmes and students’ needs, whilst still adhering to the generic guidelines and ensuring that block leaders have the academic freedom and creativity to design their BbL shells. The intended learning outcomes of the session are to broaden the way we approach VLEs as a ‘repository of content’. The session will start with a short presentation on our approach and tailored templates, followed by a discussion on the use of VLEs in different programmes/Divisions/Departments.

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