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Higher Education: the bigger picture and your place within it

This session will introduce you to the factors influencing higher education in England. Whilst this may seem remote from your role and practice in the classroom, you will discover that government policy directly impacts on what we do as an institution, and therefore what’s required of you. Over two days you will get a macro to micro view of education – starting with the government’s political priorities and ending with you as individuals.

Aimed at

New academics taking the Academic Professional Programme, APEX Open candidates, hybrid route candidates, and anyone else interested.

Aims & Objectives

The aim of this session is to introduce participants to the government and political priorities and the implications for universities and the sector as a whole. Candidates will  consider how the Brunel 2030 Strategic Vision is translated into College education priorities and strategies and examine how the factors influencing Higher Education at sector, university and department level impact your own practice

Academic Professional Programme participants are expected to stay for the entire session.

No dates available

There are no dates currently scheduled for this workshop.